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The Tech.Engin.commercial Iran Inflatable structure Co ltd (Sazehaye Badi e Iran)
(Consulting-design-calculation-supervise-execution) was found in 1997 by the current president Mr. Ali Reza Bostanirad. Today the company employs 35 full time & 120 part time personnel who are working in different sections of the company, such as management, development - architectural department, and constructions. We are the only company in Middle East specialized in Air-supported structure , we are with in - house staff of professionally licensed engineers who can work with our customers to provide all technical assistance needed to plan.
During the following decade the natural evolution of light weight constructions gave rise to the design of tensioned membrane structure, which proved them to be particularly interesting options for the covering of large spaces due to their versatility, lightness and speed of construction. Furthermore, the technology acquired and the addition of an up-to-date technical design department to the company also directed the production and commercial penetration towards the sector of pneumatic structures for military applications and extra light weight coverings of all shapes and sizes for sporting and civil uses, along with the creation of high technical definition products for specific uses. The pneumatic architecture was born and developed in the sphere of research on building without the use of traditional materials, but with light weight and versatile elements, based on the use of membranes made from textile materials. It is in exactly this sector that Iran Inflatable structure has made its greatest efforts, in the areas of design research, obtaining very interesting results.
The membrane covering are a building type in which structure element is by a highly resistant harmonious plastic membrane reinforced with textile fiber covered with protective material which makes it weatherproof and wieldable, with the evolution of materials and design and building techniques, great possibilities have been opened up in the search for ever new and original architectonic solutions, to which the lightness, luminosity and versatility of the materials have made a significant contribution.
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